Imo & Joka: Yay, No More TMBoU Withdrawals!

23 Jul

Imo & Joka Header-2 After many weeks of busy-ness (on my part) and summer vacation away from home (on her part), I finally got to spend some quality watching time with The Mystical Being of Unicorns (aka my niece).

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Conversations with Cherry and Stephanie: The Eunhyuk Edition

19 Jul

Cherry Cordial: Ooh, I found the cutest video of SUJU in Hawaii, and Eunhyuk is front and center with a big smile on his face.

Stephanie: YAY — ! Eunhyuk. I now watch SUJU videos for him.
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Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Episodes 1-4 Photo Collages

17 Jul


As you know, I’ve been rewatching Sungkyunkwan Scandal and discussing it over at Operation: Kdrama Chat, and for some reason, this time I’ve been inspired to make photo collages from some of my favorite quotes and scenes. I’ve been posting them in the discussion and on some of my social media channels, but I thought I’d share them here, too for the readers of my blog.

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Operation: Kdrama Chat, Number 7

10 Jul

OKC Icons-2 At Operation: Kdrama Chat, we’ve already had our next round of theme and show polls, but I was a bad blogger and didn’t post the news here. But! I’m here now to let you know we have a new drama for discussion starting Thursday, July 11!

In the theme poll, our options were Girl Power (kickbutt heroines) and My So Called Kdrama (teenage dramas), with Girl Power winning in a horribly one-sided Kai Bai Bo faceoff between Stephanie and me.

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The Mystical Being of Unicorns Isn’t Fooled

26 Jun

Imo & Joka Header-2

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I’ve got something fun here to help you get through the week. Have you seen the gwiyomi videos going around? Most of them are cute, but every so often I find one that’s… odd. And then, of course, have I share it with The Mystical Being of Unicorns.

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Barefoot Friends Club Update

25 Jun

Barefoot Friends I watched Barefoot Friends tonight with Stephanie and kfangurl, as usual for a Tuesday night, but tonight, unlike the past eight Tuesdays, we didn’t do our usual dividing of the sections for recap, electing the MVP, or choosing our favorite quotes and screencaps. This week is different because our time with the Barefoot Friends Drama Club at DramaFever has ended. We were asked to continue, but for various reasons, it was just the right time for all of us to move on.

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The Mystical Being of Unicorns Battles the Flu

25 May

Imo & Joka Header-2 This won’t be a regular Imo & Joka Update, but I just had to share with you guys a Facebook message* I got earlier this week from The Mystical Being of Unicorns (aka my niece):

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God’s Quiz [Initial Thoughts]

13 May

God's Quiz Poster We have a winner, and the next show we’re discussing on Operation: Kdrama Chat will be God’s Quiz. It’s not the one I voted for, but I’ve heard good things about it, and I’m looking forward to watching it.

So here we go. We have Han Jin Woo, a quirky genius doctor who’s just changing jobs from doing active surgery to work more in research, I think. When he gets there, his mentor has pulled a bait and switch on him and assigned him to work with a mixed team of people that do more than just an autopsy to figure out cause of death. That means that in conjunction with the autopsy, they work with a police detective to go on site to homes and workplaces to figure out what could have happened. In this respect, it’s very episodic, meaning the mystery is solved by the end of the show. I’ve heard — and I’ll have to trust you on this, Stephanie — that there’s a season-long story arc as well.

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Something New! Imo & Joka Update

12 May

Imo & Joka Header-2 I was watching dramas with my niece, which I do on a regular basis, and while we were laughing, crying, and making snarky comments, I realized, “hey, I can blog this.” And before I could even bring it up to ask her if it was alright, she told me — out of the blue — that if I talk about her on my blog I should call her The Mystical Being of Unicorns (aka TMBoU, pronounced like “timbough”, she says) which cracked me up so much that it’s exactly what I’m gonna do from now on. So here I am, introducing a new section to my blog that shall be called Imo & Joka Update.

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Operation: Kdrama Chat, Number 6 Show Poll

6 May

OKC Icons-2

The votes for the theme poll have been counted, and we had a record turnout this time, but it was still a close race. Working 9 to 5 won in the end, so we’ve got ourselves a workplace drama to choose next. Our three choices are:

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